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    T. Nathaniel Davis

    Serial Entrepreneur, Small Biz Evangelist, Chief of Passionate Content & Officer of Social Media W/O Borders

    I am passionate about working……period.


    Working in companies that maintain a great culture drives my individual motivation and leads to successful productivity. I have been a forward-thinking strategist for well over 15 years driving revenue and profit increases through the web by developing strategic partnerships, capitalizing on emerging technologies, acquiring and developing valuable content, a sound methodology and clear brand messaging.


    I can demonstrate exceptional insight in digital strategy, marketing, and branding, and have a very extensive network in social media and in-depth experience monitoring industry trends. I am a member of Social Media Marketing Society(since 2014), and I am well on my way to being published in social media examiner, a guest contributor to several clients who have been published in Entrepreneur, Inc. and Huff post.


    MY industries of experience include retail, real estate, healthcare, legal and small business.


    During my years in retail, merchandising and sales, I acquired detail knowledge in all aspects of retail: buying, shipping, receiving, sales, marketing, advertising, visual displays, & customer clientele development.


    My goal is solely focused on consciously marketing to raise awareness of businesses that improve operations and contribute to company profits by utilizing my management, sales, recruiting, merchandising and operations expertise. I have over 20 years of retail management experience as well as resources and contacts in investment banking, finance, and franchising


    Things that don't work for me:

    1. Pride: too much pride will never produce the greatest fruit 
    2. EGO: Being egotistical will create blind spots in your roadmap
    3. Insecurity: If you're not secure in the growth process you will only do the minimal execting maximum return
    4. Grudges: Holding a grudge never solves anything nor does it motivate anyone to support your initiatives
    5. Pettiness: Being petty about everything will never make you grow anything
    6. An inability to focus on what matters: If it doesn't really matter to you, it won't show.
    7. An inability to forgive: Forgiveness is key. the lack thereof will get you nowhere fast.
    8. Playing Politics for your own advancement: When you play both sides of the room, you will be noticed
    9. Lack of Humility: Humbleness will take you far. the lack of it will arrive you where you're supposed to be.


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  • Stats & Figures

    I let the results speak for themselves.

    50 Million Dollars in Sales

    Sales reached in Sales, Management and Executive Roles

    for retailers like Kohls, JCPenneys, WalMart, Target, Joseph Banks and Macy's

    28 Years Combined Experience

    Years of Experience in Sales, Management, Retail, Marketing & Social Media

    1500 Employees Managed

    Employees who have been interviewed, trained, recruited, & supervised.

    200 Concepts Developed

    Concepts created, developed, and launched during my career

  • Motivation is Garbage

    Act Today or Stay Silent!!! You will never be ready!!!

  • Certifications & Core Focus

    These are areas of Focus and certifications I have obtained!

  • How It Works

    Your Startup Assessment



    We assess the nuts and bolts of your business and start to build framework for your business. This allows for successful market or program launches


    Pay Online

    Enter your address and pay with credit, debit, or PayPal. Pay the initial retainer. Sign a contract.

    We complete a full strategy in about 90 days and provide 1 year of technical support to a new business in partnership with their team or help them build one.



    We'll deliver your goods within 91 business days( that is if there are not circumstances beyond our control). Rfere to Things that don't work for me( Above)

    Ask us any questions!

    We will have meetings and train your mindset to see the overall vision for your business and ramp up your strategy.

  • ToddSocial: How SOCIAL MEDIA + StrategyCan Help You Transcend Your BUSINESS Goals

    You CAN have it ALL in One Speaker:
    Inspiration + Customized Original Humor
    + Proven Practical Takeaways + Southern Hospitality

    Todd has done social media keynotes and developed social marketing programs for companies of all sizes, including top 50 companies in Automotive, Government Relations, Real Estate and Financial Services.
    He customized a novel, personalized multi-generational social media approach to help a multi-billion dollar automotive company find bigger profits within its existing customer base.
    Todd helped shaped social media strategies for perennial software brands like Buffer and Sprout Social and continues to discover surprising insights in their social media data in social media influencers and network marketers.
    He used cutting edge social data tools to help another company improve their profile of their best customers, leading to a 60% savings in customer acquisition costs.


    Todd understands that every event and audience is unique. He’ll customize his motivational, entertaining and practical elements for your event to fit your audience members, meet your goals and generate off-the-charts audience feedback.

    Want to Get Started?

    All plans related to coaching come with the following services:

    52 weekly Coaching sessions

    1 Creative Consultation for Business Development

    1 Free Strategy Session

    1 Kickoff Meeting with month to month strategy

    1 website Design/or redesign

    Setup of all Social Media Profiles

    Setup of Google Suite

    Setup of Google/Facebook Ads

    Setup of Email Marketing

    Setup of CRM


    All additional design, content creation,

    will be done by iDeaology Creative Lab.



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  • Startup Consulting

    All Startups Matter

    StartUps are IDeaologist. iDeaology Startup Consulting Hub is designed to help entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, and incubators launch new businesses, enter new markets, commercialize breakthrough ideas, or simply to think “bigger” about future opportunities. Providing management consulting expertise, we help to build a collaborative network of partners—all with the courage to take a risk and the determination to succeed. Our clients and the startups we guide all benefit from the insights and innovations that emerge from these collaborations.


    You Will Learn the true IN's and Out's of Social Media



    Todd Nathaniel Davis SME,BDO, Social Media Professor, is an established speaker who teaches Social Media, Digital & Global Marketing at iDeaology Creative Lab & Social Me Social University. Todd has experience delivering customized keynote presentations, seminars, and workshops on three different continents to a variety of audiences including board members, senior-level executives, chief marketing officers, entrepreneurs, small-business owners, creative agencies, city governments, school boards, MBA alumni groups, and university advisory board members.

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    Topics covered include but are not limited to:

    • Social Media Marketing
    • International Business
    • How Marketing has changed more in the past 5 years than in the past 50
    • Global Social Media Trends
    • B2B Social Media Marketing
    • Global Growth in a Digital Age
    • Open Innovation and Social Media Marketing
    • Building a Digital Platform for Career and Entrepreneurial Success

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  • Retail Consulting

    FHG’s retail consulting services help companies unlock the formula to increase profits and attract new customers amid growing competition. The leaders and experts in the retail consulting practice at FHG have the deep industry and operational expertise required to give our clients a lasting competitive advantage.

    Retailers around the globe benefit from the depth and breadth of Fashion House Groups. Consulting’s expertise advising retailers. In an industry literally awash with data, FHG combines this knowledge with sophisticated analytics to identify solutions to complex issues and give executives the insights they need to make more effective decisions. Whether a small or large retail chain, direct marketer, e-commerce pure play, or restaurant chain, retailers partner with FHG to deliver strategies that drive growth, unlock profit and value creation opportunities, and mitigate risk within the marketplace.

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  • Are You The Right Fit?

    While every marketing solution is tempting, every relationship isn’t a good idea.

    Some don’t have the right mindset, some clients fall short on the budget and some simply don’t value my services. Often I discover these issues much later after I have shared an in-depth pitch or proposal – thus having already devoted resources to a client only to have them wasted.

    It isn’t practical to devote the same level of time and effort to every prospective client who approaches me or my agency.

    It would use up a lot of your valuable resources that could be directed to clients that are a surer fit for your company.

    Therefore, it is vital to understand if you make the best fit for our agency well ahead of time. The sooner the better.

    Time is Currency....Choose it Wisely

    I take time as serious as you do. That's why evaluating your project and actually getting under the hood of the business is essentially what is the next step in doing business. We will evaluate the opportunity to work with you and see if we are the best source for your marketing efforts...

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  • As Seen In

    Places where my strategies, network, and resources are shared and utilized

  • United Arenas

    United Arenas will transform the way guests experience every kind of venue, from arenas to convention centers, to hotels to theaters and more. With the most secure technology platform that interconnects your venue’s isolated operational systems, you can give guests easy access to the services your site has to offer through their smartphone, connecting those services through devices that speak to each other and in sync with faster connectivity enhancing the customer experience. It will provide a second to none value to your guest while driving decision making to your venue and improve your business performance and revenue. Enhanced Venue Management for Enhanced Customer Experiences!


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  • About iDeaology Creative Lab

    IDEAology Creative Lab is a group of interdisciplinary thinkers and doers. We are designers, writers, business leaders, filmmakers, animators, producers, creative technologists, and much more. We are a small team that pushes for an impact that outweighs our footprint.


    There are Creative Labs in Phoenix, NYC, Philadelphia, and San Diego.


    United Arenas Platform

    The Ultimate All-in-one Integration app

    United Arenas, a division of IDEAology Creative Lab is a true technology first company that’s focused on enhancing venue experiences and embracing the digital age with an authentic "SMART" consumer experience within the key areas(food and beverage, ticketing, guest services and premier seating) that increase revenue and lifetime customer value for your venue. We also specialize in interconnecting isolated services(pos & payment systems, security, and mapping) in multifaceted venues. If you have a site or multiple places with complex operational infrastructure, we’ve got technology-driven guest service solutions for you.

    Our partners

    It takes a village of partners to grow a vision

    We’re a true technology first company that’s focused on enhancing venue experiences and embracing the digital age with an authentic "SMART" experience with key industries in mind as well as other large multifaceted venues. If you have a site or multiple places with complex operational infrastructure in the below sectors, we’ve got technology-driven guest service designs meant to ease the experience of the end user and with the help of our Partners we can help you grow your brand or business.

  • See My Portfolio!

    Few can do what I do. My Showcase includes art, photography, design, illustration, or creative work with a timeless, ever-evolving and adapting online portfolio.

    I have been told that I work like a full staff of 15. That can be a good thing or a bad thing at times. But design is something that uniquely sets me apart in efficiency effectiveness.

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  • D'tigers Basketball Team

    Playing in the world cup in China, D'Tigers representing the Nigeria Basketball Federation is generally considered to be one of the best national basketball teams in the FIBA Africa zone, along with Angola and Senegal.


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    You are the following: A doctor, dentist or attorney. You believe in a tactical plan to run or operate and you need the right guidance to achieve your goals. Enter into a consulting relationship with us and you will be provided with the framework: Financing, organizational structure, marketing, and business strategy.Having accounted for $350 million dollars in sales in my role,consulting businesses ranging from 1MM to 40MM in sales volume yearly. I have managed 1500 employees to learn my methods
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    Have you ever wonder what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Here is your glimpse to gain access the information you may have been told or not and learn the pitfalls and the prosperity. This about you growing and knowing the details of becoming an entrepreneur, defining your mission statement, setting goals and developing value system as well as learning to scale. You will learn to keys to success as well as the keys to not turn and avoid failure.
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  • Causes I Support

    I am passionately and actively supporting the empowerment of women in business, buying and shopping local and startups or freelancers. Some Proceeds, volunteering, and mentorship are provided to these movements. Paying it Forward is the Foundation of My iDeaology

    Monthly Meetings and Spreading the message to help other freelancers.

    Spending and Investing Where I Live, Work and Play

    Small Business Saturday Seminar and Business Mentorship

    Acknowledged One of the Top 50 Influencers on Content Marketing

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