• Stay seated

    StaySeated Inc now available in iTunes and Google Play

  • United Arenas

    United Arenas will transform the way guests experience every kind of venue, from arenas to convention centers, to hotels to theaters and more. With the most secure technology platform that interconnects your venue’s isolated operational systems, you can give guests easy access to the services your site has to offer through their smartphone, connecting those services through devices that speak to each other and in sync with faster connectivity enhancing the customer experience. It will provide a second to none value to your guest while driving decision making to your venue and improve your business performance and revenue. Enhanced Venue Management for Enhanced Customer Experiences!


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  • D'tigers Basketball Team

    Playing in the world cup in China, D'Tigers representing the Nigeria Basketball Federation is generally considered to be one of the best national basketball teams in the FIBA Africa zone, along with Angola and Senegal.


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