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Writing Your Story Daily

How To Keep Your Voice from Drowning In Society

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You get older and you learn there is one sentence, just four words long, and if you can say it to yourself it offers more comfort than almost any other. It goes like this: At least I tried.

Ann Brashares

I used to think that being loud was not cool or just someone who was trying to be noticed. Now I know there is a difference between noise and wanting to be heard. Your Voice. We struggle to find our identity in life and how to define ourself in this world. That's because many of us actually never spend time telling our truth. You are your own brand before you are someone to someone else. You are essentially not designed to hide behind someone else even when you think that is your best role. You are designed for greatness. What level that is on is undetermined. But the stage is there for us to recognize that you have a story to tell.

9/11 the story was told of the first responders(God bless them all), Iraq has told the story of our soldiers and military, Facebook has told the story of the social network, Youtube has told the story of the video gone viral and Google has told the story of what we search for. I cannot forget how Amazon ha told the story of Ecommerce and Aquisitions, Whole Foods the story of healthy eating, and the countless many other entrepreneurs who tell their stories on life, love, and happiness.

As a consumption society, we gravitate to all fo these success stories or people we define as successful instead of liberating ourselves from the chains of stagnation and self labeling to define our own success. As a god friend and mentor Jessica Peterson says, Design Your Day, I say Define Your Voice, Define Your Success.

Defining your voice online doesn't mean your logo. Doesn't mean cute quotes or great images. It's bigger than your brand. Your Voice is your message to the world that you matter, you're relevant and you are ready to contribute. The words you use on your website, in your letters, on your products and in your documentation and marketing collateral literally define how people perceive your business but it's literally like a "Game of Tones" because many people struggle with the ecochamber of voices in the head or around them telling them to be or act a certain way and you will get this or be seen this way versus listening to the voice in their head and authoring that voice to the world and what it truly represents to them and to their journey.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

That would be well. you may ask yourself "Does my voice even matter". The answer is yes. Your voice is the missing part to someone's coffee or tea. It is someone's day being changed. IT is the influence we see in many realms from political, to social, to our global residency. IT'S TIME TO SHARE YOUR VOICE.



Create a guideline for yourself to find balance in your voice

Make a promise to yourself to share your voice for learning as well as motivation

Ground Yourself in Truth

You have to ground yourself in truth that you don't have the perfect voice nor is the person next to you. Your truth is your voice and sharing your truth will get you far better results than any technique or tool that can be offered.

Let it Fizz Before it Sizzle

You have to be ready to make mistakes before you are ready to take flight. be willing to share your voice to get feedback so you can discover your niche. The Riches are in the Niches. Rich quality content will come from you discovering your niche than using your share of voice to deliver the message. Reference the NFL and Colin Kapernick or our President as edxamples of finding your niche. What lies on the surface will eventually bubble.

Finding Your voice in Your Youth
Tone of voice guideline template by Articulate Marketing

A typical tone of voice handbook will include:

  • Some thoughts about the audience(s). Ideally with psychographic data and/or personas to help the reader understand their needs.
  • Relevant advice about different use cases, e.g. sales, marketing, website, letters, support etc. Not just who is reading it but when and where they’re reading it.
  • Who is speaking. What is the voice of the company? Can you give some background information that helps the user understand how to speak with that voice?
  • What is the viewpoint? What does this ‘voice’ know about? What is its attitude to the reader, the product, the market, the competition? What vibe or emotion does it feel? What does it want?
  • Language. Is it formal? Relaxed? Jokey? What kinds of words are definitely required and which words are forbidden? One way to get at this is to ask what existing publications are you trying to emulate, the Financial Times, The Sun, a novel, a tax form?
  • Structure. Do you use the Pyramid Principle? The journalist’s inverted pyramid? Is it a colloquial conversation? Witty banter? Can you ask questions?
  • Good before and after examples that help the user learn how to do it themselves.
  • A controlled vocabulary. Words that you have to use (e.g. product names long and short). Words that you must always replace (e.g. ‘we don’t talk about our product as an ‘application’ but as a ‘service’).
  • Links to other relevant information such as a brand bible for graphic design elements, people who can give further guidance, style guides etc.

Now although this tone of voice template may help you find a source of direction, it really comes to down to a few time tested principles:

  1. Trust Your Gut - first instincts are usually never wrong and you will spend a lifetime of second-guessing if you don't just go with your gut. Think of how many woulda, shoulda coulda that you have said to yourself.
  2. Trust The Process - The Sixers may have made this possible i their process and popular but in every voice and journey is a process and trusting that process as you evolve is key to finding your true niche. 
  3. Keep Your Promise - No matter where you go or what process you use or what tools you acquire or let go of, keep your promise to yourself to always share your voice. Not to talk down on someone but to lift them up. Not to appear better than someone to but to shine light on those that need to be highlighted.

Ready To Take Flight and Find Your Voice?

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