Don't be mad that you social, be mobile and social faster?
When you think of social media, what exactly comes to mind? If you believe in social media as a business strategy, how important is it to you to focus on it? Social media is more than just being social. You have to see the customers point of view. Your end result comes from where they begin. Your content marketing is about being a resource and not just being an outlet. You may not be passionate about the relevance in your business model but you know it's necessary. Well the time is now.
This article from Social Media Today outlines why social should be viewed as a brand:

As a brand, it's your job not to just sell to your customers  but connect and engage with them. You want to show your voice, what you stand for and that you are credible in your field--all the while building dynamic relationships with your fan base. So how do you keep them coming back for more each time? You create brand FOMO or the fear of missing out. Here are four strategies that will help you cultivate a stellar social media presence that people won't want to miss out on:

1. Make your fans feel important. Don’t wait days or weeks to respond to a fan or follower. Reply as immediately as you can—these are your customers or potential customers and if they feel heard, respected and surprised by a quick response—they will, without a doubt, be back for more.

2. Make your content so amazing they won’t want to miss a post. We’ve all had that friend or been the person, who can’t stand seeing photos or posts of their friends having a great time without them--as a brand this is your daily goal. What will people miss out on if they don’t stop by your Facebook page or Instagram account? If you only post stellar content, it will be much harder for people to pull themselves away from it.

3. Offer exclusive benefits to your fan base. Host a contest or giveaway to the people who interact most with you on a specific social media channel. Or promise a special prize to the first comment or RT on a post coming up that week. The key is to be broad enough that your fans will check it regularly, but specific enough that they know the time period that that contest or prize will be given out.

4.Be innovative. Don’t repeat the same type of content every day. Provide a fresh perspective. Who can you connect with that will help build your brand and expand your influence? What marketing techniques can you capitalize on that you aren’t already using? What new campaigns can you start? The moment you let your social media grow stale, your fan base will too. Keep evolving and thinking of new ideas to keep your audience engage and coming back for more. Don’t settle for an average brand presence.

If you’re already implementing social media into your marketing then create a brand people care about and can’t go a day without updates. Brand FOMO is the ultimate key to social media success. Four strategies written by Katie LeimkuehlerSocial Media Strategist, Author and Speaker, International Studies Abroad

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