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Curating Content and Building Your Social Empire

by Todd Davis

How Social Collides with Cultural Diversity to Create Effective Content 

Have you realized that Social Media in 2015 has taken a dramatic change? There has been several life events, newsworthy events and simply a seismic shift in how people consume their news. Some may say Twitter has made some changes for the better or for the worse,  but there is a difference in the element of broadening communication.

If you haven't had a social identity or decided to create a strategy to establish your social persona, Now is the time to do so!!! The essence of your social identity is at stake and 2016 will be the time for you to shine or settle for your competitor or colleague who has made that commitment to lap your virtual  social real estate.  The Top Excuses I always hear why people don't become  a part of the social content society is :

  1. They don't have time.  Answer: That's what a strategy or business plan will allow you to do. When was the last time you did one of those?
  2. They can pay their Son/Daughter to handle it because they are into. Answer: Yes you can. But are you trying to build an empire or are you playing monopoly?  You have or had a burgeoning career but you have reached a peak and at some point you need to do something more than what you are doing. You have to decide to jump in instead of worrying about getting your feet wet. Sooner or later you will realize that the difference is paramount when it's an agency, freelancer or small boutique firm which is solely focused on growing your brand because, besides our intellect, experience, and social savvy, we're offering our time which is the greatest value to us.
  3. They don't think it's valuable enough or brings ROI. Answer: Werre you worried about that when you paid thousands of dollars in radio or tv ads and we're never certain if it brought you business but were too scared to try anything else. At the minimum, even if you don't believe in what we do or you have worked with the worst social media person possible, the fact that you have a centralized way of seeing your data and developing an understanding what your target market is, you will end up saving thousands that you would pay out anyway. Social Protects any other marketing investments you make which at the end of the day are all calculated risk. You just have to decide what poison you're okay with swallowing.

If something has shown us the power of social in a way you can understand, it would be the show Empire on Fox. It was seen in a negative light. Not accepted. Not respected. It was going to die a quick death. This was a show that people could not relate to. It's primetime slot would kill it. This was a bad investment.

But now, it's seen as the new Dallas. The influence of today's culture. The ratings' phenomenon. The attention it has garnered because those who knew the message and believed in it did not sit back and wait for a clear path. They went for it.

That the Internet and the social media are powerful instruments for mobilization of people is not in doubt. However, it is not a solo technological imperative that allows the social media to play a prominent role in social diversity. Rather the creative use of the social media is a response to aspirations and needs that pre-exist or at least exist independently of it. This technology ought to be perceived as a resource that can be utilized by social and movements looking for a communication infrastructure to promote their cause.

Social Media is no longer something people do that you don't. it's how they literally communicate.

The relationship between the social media and radicalization is both an interactive and dynamic one. The social media provides a medium through which pre-existing sentiments can gain greater clarity, expressions, and meaning. It provides a medium for the kind of interaction that can throw up new ideas, new symbols, new rituals and new identities. 

Culture, diversity, and Social Media have crossed paths, to create new partnerships and vision for our youth to follow. Here's an example:
 I see us transforming as a culture, based on the possibilities now afforded to us by connections and technology:

Before we could reach out to anyone on the planet, did we ever see anything as amazing as the projects and successes associated with challenged paradigms in the world?  With collective marketplaces that match previously disconnected buyers and sellers, fans of every color, ‘it takes a village‘ projects like Open Source, and collective effort never before seen in the world.  We are challenging the status quo, building things, creating things, connecting with each other, self-organizing around important issues, and yes, changing the world little bit by little bit.

We pay attention to the small details of people’s lives, delight over their family photos, and share at the level of family with a whole bunch of people.  We’re supported when we need to be. We talk about issues and conundrums and joys.  People are connecting and being exposed to both comfortable and diverse perspectives.

That will serve us well.

We support people and things we like, on sites like Digg and Reddit

Now If You're looking to build relationships or simply discover more about social media and other creative ways to connect to culture and communicate your message, Check out the following opportunities coming up to do so:

  • Check out the Holiday  Specials on our website and let us know if there is something you need that we can offer you.
  • Register for our Next Webinar which will be a powerful discussion on how to utilize Human capital to energize your message and build culture in your workplace or online.  It's for Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Socia media Enthusiast.
  • Last but not least, we're launching Social Media Courses to educate those in all aspects of business. From the Social Media perspective, we will have Social Me Social U, catering to educate you in all aspects of social. We will also have the #BeCourageous Change Academy for startups, businesses, entrepreneurs. It's a digital meet and great with like minds and professionals who will help you meet your goals in 2016. Join us for that event by clicking on the image below:
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