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The Conscious Workplace

How To Design Your WorkSpace Consciously

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Create A Workplace That Works - So Business Can Thrive‎

How productive would you be if you created the best workplace on Earth? That is a question that every marketer must ask themselves at least once a week? The ebbs and flow of workplace culture and creativity have driven some to greatness and others to madness and many to just mediocre work. Not truly reaching their potential but essential doing just enough or whatever they feel is required to receive compensation.

This is called Minimum Viable Production. - Todd Social

A workplace's atmosphere can inspire employee's to be more efficient and passionate in their work. Your workspace is a byproduct of your workplace. Your sense of value is determined by the environment around you. Imagine a vegan going to a meat packing plant and eating a meal or a meat-lover taking a burger to a vegan restaurant. There are some of the ways your design choices can measurably improve the productivity or morale of your office—or even both: Include more natural elements. Introduce more plants and greenery. Seek an open office design. Offer multiple desk options. Showcase art on the walls. Have interactive and fun features.

To help people fully engage and focus, organizations should: Create spaces that help people connect with others one-on-one and eye-to-eye, not just through their technology devices.Design areas that allow workers to control their sensory stimulation. Here are 4 Design practices that will help improve the work culture by improving the workspace

1. Design Practice #1 - Respect Privacy. Take a look at your workplace now...

Your workplace will often tell you more about your day or your week than the results or the "Wins" that we covet. Things like lighting, ambiance, and chairs do actually matter. Try sitting on a phonebook and typing or go sit in a dark alleyway and turn your laptop on and see how long you can work without feeling lost or distracted. Workplace distraction is a workspace killer.

Smartphones, the Internet, social media, and emails are among the 10 biggest workplace productivity killers, finds a study from CareerBuilder. Specifically, more than half of the employers surveyed say the biggest distraction at work comes from employees using their cell phones, with 44 percent saying the same about employees using the Internet.

However, technology can't take all the blame for preventing employees from getting their work done. The study revealed that 37 percent of employers point to office gossip as their biggest productivity killer, while 27 percent say co-workers stopping by to chat accounts for their biggest productivity obstacle.

Overall, the employers surveyed said the biggest productivity killers in the workplace are:

  1. Cellphones/texting
  2. The Internet
  3. Gossip
  4. Social media
  5. Email
  6. Co-workers dropping by
  7. Meetings
  8. Smoke breaks/snack breaks
  9. Noisy co-workers
  10. Sitting in a cubicle
So before you bury your head in today's work, go ahead and gauge the temperature of where you work. It will tell you more about your future results than anything else. make workplace happiness on of the things on your bucket list in 2018.

2. Design Practice #2 - Choose Colors Carefully. Did you know that color affects mood? ...

You know that color does affect your mood. From a creative place, you're constantly trying to create through color and color therapy so imagine being around dull white walls in a cubicle. Yes, I get it, you have your area. Your sanctuary. Your safe place. Your zone. Sounds like what the Pilgrims left the Indians with. Color is a control mechanism for some old-school managers.

The solution is not easy or simple for those in constricted workplaces so yes you can my your current workspace your "happy place" but if you are in environment where the colors are not conducive to the work, I highly recommend breaking the cycle and getting outside or surrounding yourself with color in car or finding a color place that helps you renew your sense of color. Take a look at the color in a Starbucks or TMobile store and you will sense something very different than when you're in a Walmart or a traditional workplace.

3.Design Practice #3 - The Right Fit for the Right Department. ...

Pardon me if I get personal for a second but upper management truly fails in this area. I have had some great experiences and some seriously awkward ones. This is not a controllable by you but is a product of the outlook for management. If you take a job for the sake of paying the bills and you know that it will hinder you from your productivity, you have to take the consequences that come with it. No matter what occurs at the beginning of your time, make sure you never lose your voice and get drowned in an atmosphere that doesn't resonate with your most productive self. Finding where you fit is also a key piece to eliminating workplace distractions and elevating your productivity. Knowing whether you are a true creative to a cookie cutter employee will help you understand your boundaries much like going to the Gym. Everything is not for everybody.

The Riches in Life are in the Niches. - Todd Social

4.Design Practice #4 - Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle.

Most workplaces are defined by the confined desks, older office chairs, traditional lighting and basic unhealthy atmospheres so the difficulty to remain healthy is high, but the opportunity still exists. Creating a healthy workspace and providing reminders to your self is important. Keeping small healthy snacks close by, drinking water and taking 5-minute breaks away from the computer every other hour can alleviate many ailments you might receive from working in an unhealthy work environment.

As mentioned earlier you can include more natural elements. Introduce more plants and greenery for breathing and oxygen. Seek an open office design so you feel less claustrophobic. Offer multiple desk options like a standing versus sitting desk to get some exercise in. Showcase art on the walls so it helps you with color. Have interactive and fun features like desktop trinkets that can be a healthy distraction to recharge you on a rough day.

If all else fails...

if you still haven't resolved your workplace challenges or created a workspace plan for yourself, feel free to reach out to me and I will meet with you one on one or train your company HR on how to better serve the workplace and bring out the most productive environment possible.

T. Nathaniel Davis aka ToddSocial  

Serial Entrepreneur, Small Biz Evangelist, Chief of Passionate Content & Officer of Social Media W/O Borders

I am passionate about working……period. Working in companies that maintain a great culture drives my individual motivation and leads to successful productivity. I have been a forward-thinking strategist for well over 10 years driving revenue and profit increases through the web by developing strategic partnerships, capitalizing on emerging technologies, acquiring and developing valuable content, a sound methodology and clear brand messaging.

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